Weddings at the time of Covid 19

Weddings at the time of Covid-19.
The first thing is not to get discouraged and think that there are alternative solutions to make your dream come true!
An intimate wedding with a few guests has its advantages: you will only have close to you the very important people, you can choose intimate and romantic locations and the costs will be considerably reduced.
An original idea is to choose to get married in winter, perhaps in one of the beautiful locations overlooking Lake Garda, where, thanks to the mild climate and suggestive views, it will be an evocative and magic event; moreover, these places are easily accessible and not very popular in winter.
An alternative to be able to carry out the wedding without giving up inviting many people is to carry out the wedding on two different days, the first day inviting only relatives, while the following day organizing a party with friends. So to create a whole weekend of celebration!
If you don't want to give up to a wedding with many guests, an idea could be to celebrate an intimate wedding this year, with a few guests and waiting for the 2021 to organize a big party.